About Montecito Collective


Montecito Collective prides itself on offering styles catering to all women. Montecito Collective live by the concept that "you are beautiful, just the way you are." Montecito Collective is taking todays current trends to give you an everyday lifestyle brand that has a timeless feel. 

Montecito Collective is a women's clothing company whose goal and motto is to reinforce true beauty, while discouraging the unrealistic beauty standards society has set. Montecito Collective is made for all to feel included and beautiful with who you are, exactly as you are. We are not just a clothing line, but a lifestyle. Our goal is to change the way fashion and beauty are viewed. We want to encourage the beauty in the differences of everyone. Creating a better standard and message, especially to our younger generations that you are beautiful exactly the way you are, inside and out. To stop comparing yourself to others, and what you see in the media. We use absolutely no airbrush or photoshop in any of our photos. We are dedicated to working above on beyond for our customers. All of our clothes are made with such close attention to detail, and thought, and are designed, sourced, and manufactured in California. Our main priority is you.